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Customize Your Jerseys

We are always asked if we customize jerseys. The answer is YES! Furthermore, we are also asked if we can customize jerseys purchased elsewhere. OF COURSE! For current team designs, we guarantee that the authentic customization you will receive will follow the exact specifications of the team you choose. For other requests, including older jerseys, please contact us first and we will review your request. If your jersey has already been customized, it's possible that the lettering may be stripped to allow for new application. Please contact us for further information regarding this service.

Price: Unlike other sites that charge a flat-rate of up to $80 or more, our pricing is team-specific and usually costs substantially less than our competitors' prices. For pricing of MLB and NHL jerseys, simply view the jersey on this web site. The customization price will be designated on the far right hand side of the specific jersey's page. For other sports and older jerseys not currently featured on our site, please submit a request through our Contact Us form, or give us a call at 1.716.833.1787.
* Jerseys not purchased through ActionSpotSports.com are subject to a $4.99 service fee.

Tunraround Time: From the moment we receive your jersey, we can generally perform a full customization and ship it back to you in about three weeks. During certain times of the year, our turnaround might be a bit longer. Jerseys can be customized more quickly for a reasonable rush fee. For time-sensitive orders and estimated turnaround times, please call us at 1.716.833.1787

To Order: To process your order, please follow these steps:

1. For current designs and blank jerseys, please print and complete the customization form with your order details. Package your jersey, along with the completed order form, and mail to:

     Action Spot Sports.
     Attn: Jersey Customization Department
     3080 Main St.
     Buffalo, NY 14214
     * For non-current, pre-customized, or special requests PLEASE CONTACT US first at 1.716.833.1787 or sales@actionspotsports.com before ordering.

2. Once your jersey arrives, it will be immediately scheduled into our production queue. Upon completion we will repackage your jersey and mail it either UPS ground or USPS for PO Boxes and international orders. Your credit card will be charged upon receiving your jersey and entering it into production and will include return shipping fees. If an email address is included on the customization form, you will also receive a confirmation email assuring you that your package is on the way and providing you with your tracking number.

3. Receive your package and fall in love with your jersey all over again!

Learn more about our customization services:

When it comes to customization, there are several options available. Action Spot Sports only offers one style - professional, authentic on-field and on-ice quality. We have been in the customization business for over 30 years and have continued to do lettering and numbering for the actual players on many teams in MLB, MiLB, NHL, and even the NFL. Our quality is unsurpassed and our work speaks for itself.
Action Spot Sports vs. "Them"
There are many ways to letter a jersey. As a matter of fact, we offer a variety of ways in our Team-Wholesale line to meet the needs and budget for virtually any customer. However, when it comes to authentic jerseys from RBK and Majestic (the apparel companies that supply on-field garments to most professional sports) you want authentic customization. What we offer is the same exact quality and craftsmanship as you see on the field. Some competitors offer similar authentic customization, but here is the difference: we have been doing this far longer, have much more experience, and in comparison, we have the edge. Plus, you might find that our customization prices are actually more affordable than our competitors'!

Included with every customization order:
     Industry-best quality
     Authentic materials
     Multi-layered, top-quality tackle twill
     Exactly-to-spec team fonts and sizing
     * Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Industry-best quality
There is reason why we do so much work with professional sports teams in various leagues. We have been at the forefront of this business for over 30 years and have the more experience than any other retailer. Our track record speaks for itself!
Authentic materials
We use the finest tackle twill fabrics, threads, and machinery. We use the exact twill colors used by the team you select based on the team's individual specifications. Our computerized machinery for making perfect cuts and zig-zag (or "Z") stiching is also the industry standard.
Multi-layered, top-quality tackle twill
Traditional lettering and numbering consists of one or more layers of tackle twill. More specifically, if a number "3" on the back of a jersey is white, but it has a silver and black outline, then the number would actually be composed of three layers of twill: a white "3", on top of a slightly-larger silver "3", on top of a slightly-larger black "3". Some manufacturers decide to dye all of these colors onto one piece of white twill. Not only is this not professional-quality, but it is a shortcut you should be wary of. It saves time and money for the manufacturer, but is simply not authentic. We take pride in continuing to do our work in the time-tested and on-field tradition by using solid-color tackle twill with individual sewings of one piece to the next.
Exactly-to-spec team fonts and sizing
We have the ultimate library of fonts and impressive computerized cutting equipment that allows for exact reproductions each and every time. Customization is such a large part of our business that fonts and sizing are not a guessing game; it is our business to know exact specifications without a second thought.
Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand by our product and craftsmanship. If you feel we have made an error, or there is a problem with our work, simply send your purchase back (at our expense) and we will make every reasonable effort to make it right. Action Spot Sports cannot be held liable, however, for dissatisfaction stemming from customer error or omission.